About Hot FM

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to build and maintain a viable community owned and operated radio station that supports and provides an outlet for alternative music genres and multicultural programs in the Sunraysia region. 

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to operate and maintain an informative, entertaining, socially connected community radio station that offers the community the opportunity to access programs not available through other sources. Hot FM is committed to providing training and access opportunities for members of the public to be trained in all aspects of the radio industry.

Even more…

Sunraysia Community Radio Association (SCRA) Incorporated began broadcasting as HOT FM in April 1991 and is a well-established community broadcaster in Sunraysia, with a loyal listening audience and a loyal sponsor base. 

In 2017 Hot FM made a huge transition moving away from country music, to now offering contemporary, easy listening music for our 35+ audience. 

Hot FM has nine different cultural groups presenting programs with subgroups also presenting programs. These cultural programs offer the local community differing language groups, with cultural music and information in first language.  

One of the major strengths of Hot FM’s programming that attracts a large listening audience is our local sports coverage. Live local football coverage of one match every Saturday during the Sunraysia Football League season. Live Big V Basketball coverage every Mildura Heat home game. A lawn bowls show Saturday mornings during the bowls season in Sunraysia. 

Hot FM has a strong band of 53 presenters/volunteers who broadcast with the station on a weekly basis. 

We broadcast live 24 hours a day of local content and enjoy a long history of community support.  

Hot FM provides a local broadcast to Sunraysia on 106.7 and 90.7 for Robinvale, Wentworth and Ouyen, with a high-quality community broadcasting service. We reach a worldwide audience from streaming live online.

The Management Committee

Simon D’Vine, President

Simon (aka: Dinga) is an enthusiastic member of the Hot FM team. Dinga featuring on the popular “Afternoon D’Light”, Friday afternoons drive time.

As the Program Team Manager, Dinga strives to get new content for Hot FM listeners.

David Williams, Vice President

DJ Dave has been around the station on and off since the late 80s. DJ Dave started with a midnight till 6am show on a Saturday Night as it was the only time top 40 and megamixes could be played as the station was mainly a country music station at the time. Dave took a break then came back and ran the Friday Drive Show and was president of the organisation for sometime in the last couple of years. He is now is on Monday Night Drive and has been in charge of our sponsorship Drive. He is a passionate volunteer of the station for many years. He strives in supporting community Radio and the local community. DJ Dave is currently on our committee of management team and helps with sponsorship and continues to be a valued member of our Community Radio Team.

Kerri Manger, Treasurer & Secretary

Kerri is an enthusiastic and long time supporter of community radio. Kerri is also co-owner of Audisound in Mildura. 

Phil Kettle, Committee Member

Phil is a successful published author. He is known around the world for his love of writing books for children and visiting schools to talk about reading and writing. Phil has published over 200 books.

Danny Harris, Committee Member

Sally Dowdle, Committee Member

Robert Hillier, Committee Member

John Hollywood, Committee Member

Operates a number of local businesses.

John Kontrec, Committee Member

Oversees operations at one of Australia largest wine producers.

Robert Manger, Technical Support Manager

Rob is an enthusiastic and long time supporter of community radio. Rob is also co-owner of Audisound in Mildura. 

He is the technical expert for Hot FM who maintains our audio to keep it running successfully, and trains our volunteers with all things tech – to bring you their shows.

Program Team

Fiona Mcglashan

Fiona (aka: Fi) is a member of the dynamic duo that presents “Talking Taboo” on Friday evening.

Fi brings her limitless enthusiasm to the Program Team to ensure Hot FM continues to have a variety of interesting content that reflects the diversity of the Sunraysia region.

Em Tasci

Em hosts one of Hot FMs most popular shows: “Saturday Night Mayhem”.

Em is passionate about the success of Hot FM and enthusiastic about providing variety of content to the community.

Robyn Aitken

Robyn is a keen newsreader for the Hot FM “Local News.”

Robyn is an enthusiastic member of the Hot FM team and program team, committed to continuing her support with the team.

How we operate